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Friday, November 7, 2014

The Littlest Christmas Kitten by Leona Novy Jackson and illustrated by Kelly Dupre

Hi! Yes, I know another kids book. ;) I'm loving all these sweet little children's books. I get to read, which I love, help an author, and have cute Christmas gifts for all my cousins' 12 children ages 6 and under!

                                       *About The Author*
I am a former Family and Consumer Sciences teacher, now writer and publisher of books related to home and family living. I taught subjects in foods and nutrition, clothing and textiles, home furnishings, consumer education, and child development in my 25 year teaching career; then turned my love of that subject into informational material for families and parenting professionals. I have a wonderful circle of friends, many widowed as I am, who bring joy and inspiration to my life. My younger friends inspire me and help me continue to probe for new ideas for enriching life skills that I share with others in my work. Teaching for many years helped me see a need in the books I write and publish. My inspiration for my apple cookbooks came from living in the country with rows of apple trees and then finding ways to use apples in many different dishes. The children's Christmas book helped rekindle my joy of the Christmas season after the death of my husband of 43 years at Christmas time. Time stood still following his death, but piecing together my story that had languished in my mind for many years helped renew the significance and warmth of this special time. Writing a children's book cannot help but encompass the heart.

                   Read about the illustrator, Kelly Dupre, HERE.
                                                                                           *Book Description*
The Littlest Christmas Kitten is a simple story about a mother cat who lost her kitten.. It's where she finally found the little thing that makes the story the manger where Jesus was laid!!                                                         
                                                    *What I liked*
This story was so sweet! It had a cute, so simple story line that makes it very believable for kids and the illustrations were amazing!! So great job Kelly Dupre on that!! The book isn't too long but it has a sweet ending and is a hard cover so kudos to Leona on that as well! I think my cousin's will love this book living on a farm. :)
                                                                              *What I didn't like*
The only thing I think about the book is that the name should be changed to "Why Cats purr" instead of "The Littlest Christmas Kitten". That's it. :)

                                                                                                      *My Rating*
           I give The Littlest Christmas Kitten...

5 stars!

                      *Why my rating is what it is*

I gave this book five stars not for me but from a kid's level. My cousins love the cats and the illustrations are so sweet! Beautiful!

                             *Where to buy it*


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