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Monday, August 11, 2014

Real Me Don't Text-Michael and Ruthie Dean

Hey everyone!! You guys are going to have to bear with me because this one is REALLY putting me out on a limb here.

   Today's review is Real Men Don't Text:

As you know, this is NOT my usual reading material and I was a little worried. Okay a lot worried.I have to say though, as worried as I was about this book it was basically for really surprised me.

Real Men Don't Text-a new approach to dating. Based on the fact that I am 15, not allowed to date, and basically only read fiction, I had reason to be spectacle. I ended up really liking it though, especially since it was a free ebook...and who will pass up a free book?!

Real Men Don't Text scored points with me for many reasons. The first was that it is based on life experience. It's not some guy in his fifties who has never married and doesn't know what he is talking about or a 60 yr old cat lady who decided it might make a good book. It's based on their actual lives, what worked for them, what didn't, and what they've learned along the way.
     Second, is that it  truly is a Christian book. I've had books that are labeled as "Religious" or "Christian" because they have the word God in it once or twice. This book is 100% God based on what he wants in our lives with our relationships.
   Third, it is just really good advice. It doesn't just state what people do wrong in their relationship/dating lives it also tells you how to handle the situation in a God-fearing way and how to not do it again.
  Finally fourth, this book was really brought to it's full potential when Ruthie and Michael decided to write it together. Ruthie could have written it on her own and I'm sure it would still be good, however having a male and female perspective not only makes it accessible for both genders it makes it so the women don't feel they do everything wrong but men have faults too.
    This book has valuable information on online dating, staying pure in a relationship, texting, what boundaries to go by, as well as red flags to watch for. Very useful for men and women!

You can buy this book in most Christian bookstores but is where I get mine. They are selling  Real Men Don't Text here for $11.99 in HARD COVER!You can also get the book on Amazon HERE

Have a good week and a good read and let me know what you want to see me review!!


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  1. No, no dating for you....but I am glad it had some lessons for you to learn before you do start dating. We could all use good advice from time to time.


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