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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Who is Jesus? By Mary Ann Dioro

Hi!! Even though I read this book weeks ago and now have it wrapped under the tree for my cousin's absolutely adorable little girl (recently turned 2) for whatever reason, I'm just now getting to reviewing it. ?? No idea why as it was such a cute book!

                                                   *About The Author*
Dr. MaryAnn Diorio was born with a pen in her hand. She has been writing since her teen years when a poem she penned, entitled “The Beauty of Stars,” won an award in a national poetry contest.
Dr. MaryAnn, as she is affectionately called, loves children, dogs, and chocolate.  Writing is her passion, and writing fiction, in particular.  Her stories deal with the deepest issues of the human heart. She writes in her home writing studio and has been seen writing at Starbuck’s, Panera’s, and in her local Barnes & Noble cafĂ©. She never leaves town without her laptop, a notebook, and a pen.
MaryAnn resides in New Jersey with her husband Dom, a retired physician. They are blessed with two wonderful daughters, a fantastic son-in-law, and a precious little granddaughter who is the joy of their lives.
In her spare time, Dr. MaryAnn loves to read, to paint in oils, acrylics, pastels, pen & ink, and colored pencil.  She also enjoys playing the piano and making up silly songs for her little granddaughter. She is also an avid treadmiller, aka one who walks on a treadmill for exercise.
                                                  *Book Description*
     Who is Jesus? A question many children ask at a young age, even though parents constantly are thinking of ways to tell their little ones of the love Jesus has for them and who He is, they always have questions. Which, is perfect,  because Maryann Diorio addresses their questions in this book backed up by scripture to help you out and engage your little cuties with beautiful illustrations by Kim Sponaugle.
                      *Favorite Quotes and thoughts*

1. "Who is Jesus? Is He someone who laughs at you when you fall down and hurt yourself? No. Jesus doesn't laugh at you when you fall down and hurt yourself. Jesus picks you up, brushes you off, and gives you a big hug. 

                                                                               *What I liked*
I've read four childrens books in the past 2 months and this was my favorite. Cute illustrations, simple, real questions, bible verses after each answer...awesome!! Kids will love the pictures and parents will love the answers!! I gave a sample under "Favorite quotes and thoughts".
                                                                                    *What I didn't like*
The only thing a few other reviewers and I also noticed is that the one verse (Luke 19:10) while talking about being "lost" is really talking about being spiritually lost...not lost in the mall. However, since a parent, grandparent, e.t.c will be reading the book to the child/children this would actually improve their learning by explaining that while God is there when they're physically lost, that isn't exactly what the verse means. 

                                                                                                      *My Rating*
           I give Who is Jesus?...

5 stars!

                              *Why my rating is what it is*

My rating is five stars because even the verse taken a bit out of context can ultimately help their learning if explained by the reader. The book is engaging and is perfect for little kids. :)

*I received this book from MaryAnn Diorio and in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts were my own and I was not compensated in any other way.

                                                     *Where to buy it*

                                                           Barnes & Noble

Have a great week and enjoy any shopping you may do on Friday!!


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