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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Kregel review-The Bachelor by Stephanie Reed

Happy Thanksgiving y'all!! I've got an amish book for you...check it out!

*About the Author*
Stephanie Reed lives on the outskirts of Plain City, Ohio, site of a once-thriving Amish community. She gleans ideas for her novels from signs glimpsed along the byways of Ohio, as she did for her previous books The Bargain, Across the Wide River, and The Light Across the River.

*Book Description*

Betsie Troyer knows life will be so much more simple again, now that she's back in her Amish home. Or so she thought before Sheila Sullivan reenters her life. Now with 2 men, one english and one amish, an English little girl to cheer up, and a nasty pony, Betsie finds herself more frazzled then ever. Trying to regain Charley Yoder's trust, however, is easier said then done. Especially when Michael insists on sending her letters...and she insists on responding to them. Now, as she eagerly awaits hearing from the Englischer, she begins to wonder if she's made the right decision... if she even wants Charley to trust her again. With all these feelings, will her life ever be back in order again?

Charley Yoder can't believe Betsie would defy her promise just minutes after she made it. That's not the only thing making his blood boil though...Sheila Sullivan is an Englischer and therefore doesn't belong here. Why can't Betsie see that? Will she ever make up their mind so they can have a life together? And can he even live with someone who refuses to abide to his rules? 

*What I liked*
Stephanie did a really great job both with showing the Amish life and how they think towards the English. It really showed both sides well, and somehow had us rooting both men at the same time. She also had a sweet cover.

*What I didn't like*
The main thing I didn't like was the ending!! It was so rushed and cut off with her decision in the end, I'm pretty sure my mouth was gaping. Add in the fact that her third book doesn't come out until 2016 and you have a slightly disappointed, avid reader. Stephanie will make up for it though!

*My Rating*

*Why my rating is what it is*

My rating is 3 1/2 stars (4 stars on store reviews) mainly because of the ending but also because it was a bit slower then I'd like it. However, it is a very good book all in all so get this book and the first book in the series!

*Where to buy it*
                                                                    Barnes & Noble

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