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Thursday, December 4, 2014

May Leads the Way By KC Frantzen

Evening everyone!! This is today's last review, Kc Frantzen's last book so far. Here are the links for the other two books in case you missed them: Book one & Book two.

*About the Author*
 KC Frantzen started writing when she was in elementary school and even won the school-wide contest with a story she wrote on deep sea fishing.  But though she kept writing here and there, it was mostly just for her own fun.

When she graduated high school (she was 16), she had not decided what she wanted to do with her life yet, so she decided to work full-time at the clinic until she could figure it out.  In the spring of the next year, a teacher came in.  Mom remembered her very own first and second grade teacher, Mrs. Strickland.  So she decided that’s what she would do – go to college and become a teacher.  She graduated with straight A’s (something she says is called Magna Cum Laude) with a double major in history and elementary education.  

Mom taught fifth grade for awhile, then she worked for an oilfield supply company and then a pharmaceutical company, and then she started her own business.  Eventually she met Dad and they got married in the back yard with one horse and two dogs and two cats as their attendants.  Hans was one of them!  He told me all about it.  (At that time, Hans was about the age I am in May on the Way.)  After
KC Frantzen 2012they were married awhile, Dad got a job working in Venezuela for about a year, so Mom went too. While they were there, they met the real life Sassy and the story in the book really happened - just like that!  

Mom has an active imagination - she’s really still a kid at heart. She says from watching me!  She tells me she admires my spirit and my attitude having survived all I did when I was a puppy.  Like mom says all the time, God has a plan!  Of course, a lot of times we don’t know what it is until later.  I mean, enduring the abuse I did, who knew that one day I’d be the star of my own book series? We both hope you are encouraged to know God loves you and has a perfect plan for you too!

We all live in the hills of Middle Tennessee with my two Arabian horse BIG sisters and several of us adopted dogs. April (the Grouch) crossed the Rainbow Bridge in the summer of 2009, and Hans in January, 2010.  Up until the last, he would still prance and dance for his breakfast!  And I still play all the time, even though I’m an older dog. My birthday is June 13, 2000.

Thanks for reading more about me and Mom and I hope to see you soon so you can have my PAWograph!

*Book Description*
 May's back again!! Only, this time she and her family may be in trouble. In a dark place, May learns that God is in control and that she has to trust him with all things. How will they get out? Find out in May Leads the Way!

*What I liked*
I loved this one as it had so many great Christian values in it...the others did too but this one just really spoke to me. It also features May as an 'adult' so it's got a bit of a different twist from the authors but with the same action and adventure the readers came to love in the first books. SO good!

*What I didn't like*
 As with the other books, I can't think of a single thing I didn't like. Just good clean fun and when you're reading it, it's hard to decide whether the child or the adult enjoys it more!

*My Rating*

*Why my rating is what it is*
 Once again, KC and May have stepped up to the plate for another five star review. They are so loved! Since there is not a single review on Amazon under five stars, I'd say others who gave it a try would agree. Watch for May and her friends in the fourth book!

 *Where to buy it*

Thanks for reading and have an awesome night!



  1. We are so humbled by your kind words.

    Thank you so very much!!
    We appreciate your helping us spread May's message, too.
    For such a time as this... :D

  2. Great review! Yes, May the K9 Spy series are fantastic! Love to read about her (mis)adventures! It is very refreshing to see a young person that loves God and loves to read. Continue your walk with Christ and you will never find yourself on the wrong path. Blessings

  3. Great review! God is using you! You are such a beautiful and smart young lady!


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