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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tyndale Review- Always On My Mind by Susan May Warren

Hello again everyone!! I'm trying to bake cookies and review at the same time so you'll have to bear with me as I struggle through. ;)

I. I literally gasped when I ripped open that manilla envelope. THANK you Tyndale for this bit of heaven that took about 3.5 hrs to read. Total. Much love!

*Book Description*

Casper Christiansen can't get Raina Beaumont out of his mind. That's what makes him decide, after his failed dig, to go to the dear lady of his thoughts. Unfortunately, when the beautiful face of his dreams does not open the door, he uncovers her severe secret, threatening to shatter his heart in one million pieces. Even now, after everything that has happened, he cannot shake the images of her dark hair, pretty face, and fiery spirit. And even though he was asked to leave her alone he fears he cannot. Will he ever have his one true love back? Does he want her back? Will his tangled web of a family ever find their way back to normalcy?

Raina Beaumont has managed to keep her unbearable yet precious secret for months from the Christiansen family. Now, here she is, lying in a hospital bed after giving birth to a beautiful baby that is Owen Christiansen's child, arriving here in Casper Christiansen's lap! Desperately trying to forget the brother of the man who abandoned her, Raina turns to a man named Monte... Then there's the mishap that seems to make the decision for Raina. Is it good or bad? She loves her child but knows she can never give her fancy things...just her love. Is that enough?

Will the Christiansen family ever be mended? Will they ever find the most important things in life? Everlasting love and life from their eternal father...and perhaps someone to share it with? Find out in 'Always on My Mind'!

*What I liked*
I.Loved.This.Book.SO.Much. Right from the beginning I was in a trance just staring at the cover. Perfect smooth cover, Bright, vibrant writing, A riveting title to match the rest of the series, and the most real, honorable characters I've ever read of. It's like Karen Kingsbury meets Becky Wade and...It.Is.HEAVEN. So yeah, I'm also liking the whole stop and go speech thing today too. ;) Seriously though, this book is amazing. Definitely keeps 'When I fall in Love' on it's toes.  

*What I didn't like*
Despite wanting to hurl the book across the room due to Monte's evilness and Raina's ignorance, not to worry, the book was once again glued to my fingertips until the very end. 

*My Rating*

*Why my rating is what it is*

If you've visited my blog before, you know a few things: One, that I only give honest to goodness 5 stars on books that I'd classify as 'favorites'. Two, every one of the books I've read by Susan are favorites of mine!! I've read them all at least 3 times. :) Check them out on the labels side bar by clicking on 'Susan May Warren'.

 *Where to buy it*

Don't forget to keep your eyes out for the next two books in the series...the next one is on Amelia: The Wonder of You! 


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