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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Revell Review-Hidden Agenda By Lisa Harris

Morning y'all!! I know I've been temporarily absent but maybe you'll forgive me when I tell you I was working in the Church library and that I have some Julie Klassen reviews coming your way. ;) First though, I have 3 or 4 books that NEED to be reviewed first. 

Like this one:

*About the Author*

*Book Description*

Michael Hunt is on the run...but his family thinks he's dead! When a dangerous situation becomes deadly, he learns that he must learn to trust in other people and allow them to help him. The question is, who can he trust? When the son and daughter of the man that wants him dead rescue him just in time, Michael blames his feelings of Olivia on their situation. But is it more? Will he learn who to trust in time? Or will it be too late?

When Olivia Hamilton's obviously naive younger brother suggests that they rescue the man in grave danger, due to her father, Olivia thinks he may have lost his mind. After rescuing the young man, any doubts Olivia had about the awful truth of their father fled just as they were fleeing their own father. Realizing that they did the right thing in saving Michael, she's still shaken after multiple encounters with her father's cronies. Will they ever be safe? Will her heart?

*What I liked*

I loved the suspense in this...action packed from the beginning, yet it was different from other mysteries I've read. It wasn't the same old story. It was fresh, romantic, and just a really special read! I loved Michael & Olivia's relationship and the bravado Olivia's brother showed in taking a stand, especially taking into account that Ivan is deaf.

*What I didn't like*

I was so sad when I finished!! However, this book is not for immature readers as it can get rough (abuse, kidnap, and murder but that is to be expected in a suspense novel such as this).

*My Rating*

~My Rating is 5 stars!!~

*My Overall Opinion*

Hidden Agenda is a heart stopping, pulse pounding fictional story on trust, love, and learning who we are. The characters were inspiring, and remind readers to "Be strong and of good courage" and to trust God through it all. (Deuteronomy 31:6)

 *Where to buy it*

I'll be back Monday with a GIVEAWAY and "Home in Last Chance" so come on back!

Happy Reading,

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