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Friday, January 16, 2015

The Gunsmith's Gallantry By Susan Page Davis

Good, mid January, morning! Wow, bet you didn't think you'd say that already! It was just Christmas! Anyways, today I decided I'd review the second book in the "Bride's Prerogative series" by Susan Page Davis. I reviewed the first book 'The Sheriff's Surrender' the other day so be sure to check that out as well!

The Gunsmith's Gallantry

*Book Description*

Hiram-Hi-Dooley has lived with his sister Trudy for the past ten years...ever since his beloved wife Violet and son died and left him alone. He's hardly spoken a word since then. Now after all these years an unexpected, and unwanted, visitor shows up on their door right after her telegram arrives and there's no chance for escape for Hi and Trudy. When a short visit turns into a summer stay, Hi feels he's at his wit's end. Will he ever get rid of the girl? To make matters worse, Hi thinks the woman he loves is just starting to notice him...the problem is, now that she is, he doesn't know what to say! Will he ever speak normally again and get his life on track? Or is he destined to be known as 'Hiram Dooley, the silent gunsmith'?

The whole town thinks Hiram Dooley's quiet ways and few words makes him different but Libby Adams finds it relaxing with his gentle, silent ways. When Hi does start to speak, Libby is just about shocked into silence herself! Then a friend visits with worries about her father and Libby starts to worry as well. Will the town's mysteries ever be solved? And when sneaky visitors come to town could the Ladies Shooting Club get more then they bargained for? Then there's the gunsmith...

*What I liked*

First, I loved the name Hi. I don't know why but I have a fondness for nicknames, especially male nicknames and Hi did it for me. I also loved his quiet bashful ways even though he still had the ability to knock someone down if needed. All the characters were wonderful as in the first book and the plot was incredible! I never expected anything that happened and when a book does that...well just see the rating!

*What I didn't like*

Once again, Susan had an awesome ending but I wasn't satisfied so book three for me!

*My Rating*

My rating for The Gunsmith's Gallantry is... 4 1/2 stars!!

*My overall opinion*

My overall opinion on The Gunsmith's Gallantry is that it is a wonderful western,mystery, romance with so much fun, suspense, and spunk, you'll be buying the next book within minutes!

 *Where to buy it*


Thanks for checking out book stop, book three!

Happy Reading,

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