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Friday, March 20, 2015

Barbour Review-The Decision by Wanda Brunnstetter

Happy early SPRING everyone!! FINALLY!!!! To celebrate, look what I have!!!



Discover along with Jonah Miller how life can begin anew in the prairie state of Illinois. Moving from Pennsylvania, finding rewarding work, and leaving heartbreak behind is the best decision Jonah ever made. But is he ready to consider love again when he meets Elaine Schrock? Will his scarred heart mend when she chooses family loyalty over love?

*How I found her/Why I love her*

Guys, I have a confession. I am OBSESSED with Wanda Brunnstetter. There. I said it. I've read EVERY ONE (and own them mind you!) of her books except for White Christmas Pie and her cookbooks. Actually, I own White Christmas pie, I just haven't read it yet, and those cookbooks are going to happen. (Kitchen geek in the house!) I was just going to say I don't know how I got onto her but I do. My grandparents. My grandpa reads ALL the time. (Gee, that reminds me of someone!) Grandma, noticing our love for books, asked grandpa some of his favorite authors to read and, of course, "Amazoned" it. She stumbled across "School's out" the first book in the Rachel Yoder children/YA series and bought it for me for me birthday. The next birthday (Maybe Christmas) I received "Back to School"...and "Out of Control". She bought me the entire series by the time it was done and you have to understand, this was a NEW series. Thus, the start of my reading adventures. Those books are THE best. Have young kids? BUY THEM. They're not that expensive at all. 

Anyways, another good reason? I love the Amish. Obviously, it's not like I want to become one or something. They just fascinate me. Not in a "Let me stare at you because you're different" kind of way. More like a person to admire, and at times, question. Wanda puts these amazing recipes in the backs of some of her books too. Rachel Yoder books included. Make your own bubbles. Ginger cookies. Whoopie Pies. I'm telling you, your child will be entertained for hours if you let them!! *Enters public service announcement* That'll give you time to pick up this new Adult book Wanda has for us.

*I loved*

If you're like me and LOVE Wanda or even are just getting started with her books, you've probably seen her latest Discovery series boxed set. Maybe you haven't, but I'm betting you have. If you've read it, or maybe just the back covers, you know there's this really cool guy named Jonah Miller in it. I loved Jonah in that series and we all really hurt for him in the end I think. He was so sweet, always helping everyone. Well, guess what? We see Jonah in this first book of her newest series "The Prairie State" friends!! I am so excited in this new direction Wanda is taking with this series. Instead of some of the "usual" states where we usually find the Amish in books: Kentucky, Indiana, and the HUGE one, Pennsylvania, Wanda is giving us a glimpse into Illinois!! Seriously. if you aren't from there or have never visited there, what do you know about Illinois? We NEVER hear about it in books and especially not Amish.  Like I said. So excited. I was so pleased to meet Elaine Schrock but was constantly comparing her to Jonah to see if she was good enough for him. I really need to stop that habit.  
*Not my favorite*

One thing I did notice, that was unusual for Wanda is that there was a name mishap on the very first page. It started out as Eden or something like that and then it was changed back to Elaine after one time.  Not a big deal to me but to some of you "grammar Nazis" e.t.c I thought I should mention it.  It was also a little slow throughout the book, especially getting started but you tend to have that in an Amish book. Perfect for relaxing!
*My Rating*

I give The Decision...

4 stars!!

*My overall thoughts*

 The decision by Wanda Brunnstetter is a new member to my bookcase!!All in all, the cover was beautiful, new series, great returning characters, new friends, and new settings combine for a wonderful Amish read to add to your "Wanda Collection"!
 *Where to get it*

*I received this book the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts were my own and I was not compensated in any other way.

Thanks for looking!!!

Happy Reading,

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