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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Book review!! Cassidy-Lori Wick

Hey everyone!! I hope you're all having a good week!! Luckily school is almost done for the summer so now I have more time for reviews.Today I'm sharing with you a book I've read recently By Lori Wick called "Cassidy":

                                    Here are some photos of the first 4 pages of Chapter One I used from

The Back:

More about the book:

Cassidy Norton owns a seamstress shop in Token Creek Montana and doesn't think life can get any better.
That is, until a man from her past shows up threatening her reputation and her business. Spending time with her friend Meg , Meg's husband Brad Holden and brother in law Trace, will the man finally leave or will Cassidy be forced to leave from a shattered reputation and closed up shop? Meanwhile one of Cassidy's friends has secret feelings of his own...will He and Cassidy figure out how to solve their problems in life or will one,or both, be hurt in the process? As the book continues, Cassidy must learn to trust the people she loves with all her secrets, good and bad. But will she do it? And will she keep her faith in God to bring her through this trial as well as all the others in her life? Cassidy is a wonderful story on Romance, trust, and faith in God and is definitely a must read!!

You can buy this book in most Christian bookstores but Christianbook is where I get mine. They are selling Cassidy HERE for $2.49 today (5/6/14) and although I don't know how long they will have that price they usually have very fair prices.

(I was not given a free copy of this book by any publishing group and was not hired/endorsed by anyone to leave a positive/negative review for this book. These are all my own thoughts and are 100% based on the book.)

Have a good week and a good read and let me know what you want to see me review!!


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