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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tyndale Review-It Had to be You by Susan May Warren

Hey Everyone!! Well, I am VERY excited to announce that I am now an accepted reviewer of Tyndale publishing as well as Bookcrash!! EEK!!So I don't believe in luck obviously, but I do feel "lucky" and this, made me feel very lucky. Incredibly convenient...and exciting. Everyday (or pretty close to it!) I go to and go see if they have any new books in the free ebooks section that i haven't gotten. Well yesterday, I went there, and there is one book there I haven't read. So I go to purchase it but the author is familiar. I went and checked on Tyndale and lo and behold, the book that I will be receiving to review next month is in the same series, just the book that comes next! So, I guess now I gave away a review i should be doing next month but oh well. I.Could.Not.Put.This.Book.Down!Now for the name....drum roll please           

            It Had to Be You, Christiansen Family Series #2

                  *Book Description*

Eden Christian has always been there for her little brother Owen ever since he was a little boy. Always cheering him on from her place in the stands as he does what he loves: plays Hockey. Only problem is, he isn't ten anymore and he is starting to resent her bossy, big sister attitude always trying to keep him out of trouble.It seems the better his Hockey career gets the more Eden sees it as her life and not Owen's. Not to mention the team's enforcer Jace Jacobsen is no help and is definitely NOT someone Eden wants around Owen. His seemingly beastly nature both on and off the ice is known by everyone and she certainly doesn't want her kid brother going that way, even if he is 20 and old enough to choose his own friends. Unfortunately the more Eden merges her life with Owen's the more he pushes her away. Then a trip to the hospital could change Owen's future forever, as well as Eden's and the rest of her family. Will they get through it and be stronger in the end? Or will there seemingly tightly woven family unravel with the pain one family member must endure? Meanwhile Jace has his hands full as well trying to figure out how to pull his Best friend's life back together again. Eden and Jace both need a break. Somehow they both end up in the same place, right in the mist of the perfect story for Eden. Will they work together to solve their problems as well as someone else's? Or will they yank apart in resentment towards one another? Are their assessments of each other correct or will they need to take another look? Find out in this wonderful story of faith, hope, love and not only sticking together but also knowing when to Let Go.

                                                                                         *What I liked*
For the first book from someone I have never read before I was honestly surprised. This book was so well written...straight from fears to elation back to fear again with feelings jumping all 
over the place. It reminds us that these are just like real people and makes us feel just a little better about our issues. Fantastic job Susan!!

                 *What I didn't like*
Overall I loved this book. Off the top of my head I can't think of anything I didn't like. However I do know the book has a LITTLE bit of a cliff hanger that may be irritating for some.

                  *Where to buy it*


Have a good week and a good read and let me know what you want to see me review!!

                     Happy Reading,

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