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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My first Bethany House title!! A Bride In Store by Melissa Jagears!

Hey Everyone!! I hope you all had a good weekend, I spent some of mine looking for publishers to review for and succeeded!! I actually got a few new ones but 'A Bride in Store' is published by Bethany House.I knew when I saw this book I needed (Yes, one of those legitimate book reviewer needs) to read it. It looked THAT good....Even better? It was that good! Seriously. Look at the cover!

Everything was going great for Eliza Cantrail. She was a mail order bride on her way to her future husband, with all her belongings with her. Well, at least they were before disaster strikes on the train. Eliza ends up on a counter with no money or belongings, while a handsome stranger (of course she didn't notice) stitches her injured face.
   Later she finds out the business Axcel said he had wasn't only his, her fiance is missing, and no one wants to talk about him, even though she senses something's wrong. Can Eliza uncover his secrets before she ends up at the alter with him or will he tay hidden for good? And if she does break his facade, will she still end up Mrs. Langston or will she succumb to the passion growing between her and his strange best frined?

I truly expected this book to be similar to some of the other books I read but didn't care for. The book was too slow and boring or she just kept repeating the same things.Characters too full of themselves, no interest in God until the end of the book, e.t.c. I honestly didn't find anything I didn't like about this book and will definitely be reading more of Melissa's work!!

 A Bride in Store' is full of life, love, foregiveness, and a lot of hard choices, not to mention enough passion and mystery to make your heart stop. Combined with God's undying love, it makes for an "up all night" read!!

"A Bride in Store" by Melissa Jagears is available for purchase after it's release August 26th. Make sure to look for it at Christianbook, Bethany House, Barnes and Noble, or Amazon and let us know what you think!

(I was given a free copy of this book by Bethany House publishing group and was endorsed by them to leave a review for this book. They did not in any way force me to leave a positive/negative review. These are all my own thoughts and are 100% based on the book.)

Have a good week and curl up with a good book...maybe look for more of Melissa Jagear's books and let us know what future releases you'd like to see reviewed!



  1. What a great book review Nicki!!! Sounds like you are having fun with it too!!!

  2. Great book review. A Bride in Store sounds very interesting. Thank you for your review.
    Love you, Grandma

  3. Great review!! This is the type of book I read the most and this one sounds really good! I will definitely look for it!!

  4. This sounds like a very good book that I would love to read when I spare time!! LOL! As if I have any...Very well written review Nicki!! Thanks for sharing!!


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