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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Evergreen-Susan May Warren

Hey everyone! By now you are probably thinking some weird addiction is going on between me and Susan May Warren's books...and maybe there is...BUT I promise this is the last book from her at least for a LITTLE while. ;) LOL I honestly wasn't expecting to start this blog and have 3 books from the same author reviewed in 2 months time but it looks like that is what was in store for me anyways!


           So I know you what you were expecting...a heart warming, sweet little love story, perhaps on Casper Christiansen or maybe even Amelia for Susan's next book...that is what I was expecting. Then I read the bit of info offered on Tyndale...John and Ingrid?! What? They're already married, we already know about them, or at least we thought we did! What you find out will probably shock you as much as me...but I can tell you it is a welcome shock at the end of this book!

            John Christiansen loves his kids but has to admit he is ecstatic about his and Ingrids first Christmas as "empty nesters". With his kids all busy with their own lives he's free to plan the surprise trip for Ingrid during the Christmas season. Until his secret accidentally slips out...and Ingrid is surprisingly...furious. Then something unexpected happens to a beloved family member and Ingrid is even more upset with him. What happened to them to make their marriage suddenly become luke warm? And why does it seem as though he can do nothing right with her anymore? Will he be able to fix it or is it gone for good?
                   Ingrid Christiansen can't believe her husband. They can't leave Evergreen at Christmas! Their kids may be busy and elsewhere but Derek and Ivy are still here and what if Casper or Owen decided they were coming home for Christmas to discover them not there. No. They needed to stay here. They had a responsibility to their kids and to tradition. She thought John respected and shared her feelings.Everything seems to be going wrong with them lately. What happened to them? Then a completely unexpected visitor is joining them for a few months and the tension level is raised even higher. Will they be able to restore the heart of their visitor as well as their marriage? Or is the love and devotion they once shared gone for good?
         Evergreen is not what I was better. It seemed to be a downhill slide but Susan quickly pushed it back up the hill and it was a wonderful book. It wasn't "the normal". Don't get me wrong, I'm as much as a sucker (if not more) for thrilling, always a happy ending and beginning, love stories as the next girl but this was a welcome change. This book showed me and I believe will show you that life isn't all fairytales. It will be hard, feel like a constant struggle, and sometimes you just want to give up. But together with God's help you can get back up and will make it through, most times stronger then before.
    This book is a perfect story on mother's struggles, second chances, and devotion to God and to each other and all tied together with love. A must read!

You can buy this book in most Christian bookstores but is where I get mine. They are selling Evergreen HERE for $11.99 in HARD COVER!You can also get the book on Amazon HERE

(I was given a free copy of this book by Tyndale publishing group and was endorsed by them to leave a review for this book. They did not in any way force me to leave a positive/negative review. These are all my own thoughts and are 100% based on the book.)

Have a good week and a good read and let me know what you want to see me review!!


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  1. This sounds like a good book with a fun twist but I must say I am a sucker for Fairy Tale endings since it is a change from life which is not a fairy tale ending. Is the ending sad?....if so I may not want to read it.


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