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Friday, July 11, 2014

When I Fall In Love-Susan May Warren

Hey Everyone!! Guess what?! As I hoped I received my first review book from Tyndale...on my birthday too yet! Even better? It is the next book in the Christiansen family series "When I Fall In Love" by Susan May Warren as promised!
     Remember, Max Sharpe, Owen's former Blue Ox teammate? Well he's a main character!

*Book Description*
Grace Christian has always been a homebody. One of those people who is just 100% more comfortable and safe in their own environment. She thought her family understood that...or at least until they gave her plane tickets for a 3 week vacation in Hawaii. Hawaii.She couldn't just go to Minneapolis to visit her sister, she had to fly all the way across the ocean for a cooking class. And  the worst part is that, not only does she have to go to this cooking class but she is learning Hawaiin cooking to cater her sister's wedding. At least she thought that was the worst part. Until she learned she was also to have a travel companion/babysitter along with her. Will Grace overcome her fears and go on the surprise trip or will her conscience convince her that Hawaii is a very, very bad idea?
    Max Sharpe is ready and excited for his 3rd annual 3 week vacation to Hawaii. Or he was until he found out he had to babysit. Worse yet, she's Owen's sister, and obviously doesn't know his terrible secret that his eaten at him since Owen got hurt. And Jace doesn't understand he goes to Hawaii to escape the one thing that will destroy his life. He can't believe Jace would pull rank on him like this and make him take her. After making a new friend (a gorgeous girl no less) he wonders if he can't just ditch Grace after they get to Hawaii safely. Until he finds out a secret about his newly found friend. 
     With sickness on the trip, a cooking contest, dangerous riptides, and a handful of secrets will Grace stay in Hawaii or book her next flight home? And will Max be able to stay away from his new friend and keep his deadly secret hidden? Or will all their secrets be uncovered and everything start to unravel?
   Meanwhile, a newcomer at home has caught Casper Christiansen's eye and he thinks she likes him too. But as he continues to puzzle over something she said before she officially met him, her friendly, then withdrawn attitude, and her sudden outburst at a family member he begins to wonder what he's done...and how he can fix it.
    Raina can't believe she was stupid enough to fall for another guy. Casper Christiansen no less...but the more she gets to know him, the more she's convinced he's fallen for her too and the more she sees a future with him. She finally decides just to let go and have some fun with Casper...until a past regret is almost uncovered and she realizes she can't be involved with Casper. Not now and not ever. Will she be able to break it to him gently or will they both be hurt in the process? And worse yet, will he even still love her if he finds out her secret?
"When I fall in Love" is an incredible story on trust, love, faith and hope in the future, in each other and in God. You will no doubt laugh, cry, hurt, and rejoice with the Christiansen family in the third book from Susan and anxiously await her next stories!

*What I Liked*
Another great story from Susan, this book is fantastic all the way around!
What I didn't like*
C'mon guys...this is Susan we're talking about! Do you really think there would be any thing to not like?!

*My Rating*

Five Deliciously Golden Stars out of five!

*Why my rating is what it is*

My rating is five stars because the book is well written, NO foul language, and a great realistic story line... read it for yourself and you'll see what I mean!May Warren, When I fall in Love is extremely well written and boy do some parts make a girl swoon!! I've read it 4 times already and don't doubt there will be more ahead!

*Where to buy it*

You can buy this book in most Christian bookstores but is where I get mine. They are selling When I fall in Love-Here for $10.49 in paper back or HERE for $9.69 in ebook today (7/11/14) and although I don't know how long they will have that price they usually have very fair prices.You can also get the book on Amazon HERE

(I was given a free copy of this book by Tyndale publishing group and was endorsed by them to leave a review for this book. They did not in any way force me to leave a positive/negative review. These are all my own thoughts and are 100% based on the book.)

Have a good week and a good read and let me know what you want to see me review!!


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  1. Great review! So well written. Thank you so much!


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