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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Children's Book Review-The First Christmas by Janice D. Green / Violet Vandor

Hey everyone!! Well, I have to tell you a secret...when I first started this blog, I figured it'd be just fiction books. Now I've done fiction, books on dating, non-fiction, and today children's and I'm so glad I have! I think it reaches to a whole other group of people and I think this review (hopefully!) will help some awesome Christian moms to tell the Christmas story to their little angels. :)


Janice Green writes a re-telling of the story of Christ's (Messiah in this book) humble birth with vivid pictures illustrated by Violet Vandor. A beautiful book, even I enjoyed it and I'm 15! :)

What I liked:
It's the greatest story of all time. NOTHING can surpass it. Not Mary Connealy or Melissa Jagears or Susan May Warren or Wanda Brunstetter. It's the story of the one who came down here to that humble stable to save all of us. And not just off a cliff, out of a burning building, or from life in jail. He saved us from an eternity without Him. Despite it being the perfect story of love, sometimes it is very hard for a child to understand the dephs of the story. Which is why Janice Green did an amazing job to stoop down to a child's level. Such a beautiful book, I also loved that by visiting this website you can get free downloadable coloring pages to make your own quilt and pre-made quilts if you aren't the "crafty type".

What didn't I like:The only thing that may be a problem for some children was that some of the wording is hard to understand for really little kids like "Messiah". The good thing about words like that though, is that it gives an opening for parents to enter more learning at an early age, so it depends on the preference!

My Rating:

I give The First Christmas...

Five stars out of five for family friendly and perfect for your little ones!

Why my rating is what it is:

Easy to understand despite a few harder words, great pictures, and matching coloring pages!


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