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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Bethany House review-Tried and True By Mary Connealy

Hey everyone!! I can't believe it's Friday again!! Actually, tonight my little sister and I have a "girls night" sleepover and I just might slip in a book. ;) I normally don't do sleepovers, I'm kind of a home-body but it's okay because it is only a mile away. ;) Hahaha Anyways, today's review is about someone else that is kind of a home-body...her name is Kylie and she is from...

Tried and True by Mary Connealy!!

I have to be brutally honest again...I LOVE western/southern men/cowboys. I really do. Every word that escapes Aaron's mouth makes me think of a western/southern accent.


The first time Aaron Masterson sets his eyes on Kylie Wilde she's been left hanging...literally! Aaron is captivated by this little filly the moment she wraps her arms around his neck and cries her beautiful eyes out, claiming him to be a hero. One problem...the land adviser side of him is also more then a little suspicious of her and her brother. If she even has a brother alive that is! A startling discovery ends his suspicions...but not his problems and not Kylie's either! When mysterious happenings threaten Kylie's well being he struggles between doing what is right and following his heart. Will he make the right decision? And in doing so is he ruining his hopes and dreams...and hers?
Kylie Wilde has to much as she is weary of Aaron Masterson, land developer, she just can't seem to get the cowboy out of her head. It's not really her fault...I mean it is her fault she got caught, but it definitely isn't her choice that he keeps showing up! After her string of lies, she's constantly trying to get rid of him-but still he keeps showing up- and she's starting to wonder if she wants him to leave or not...

When a sensible agreement leaves Kylie feeling happy yet somehow still trapped will they figure out what the meaning of love and friendship really means?

What I liked:
It's a western y'all. C'mon. Ya know the "hunky guys" with the hair that falls slightly forward on their forehead, making the "one of a kind, blonde or brunettes" want to brush it back into place with their silky soft palms... Yep. It's official. I still have NO idea why 3/4 of woman (including me) still practically inhale fiction after fiction. It's typical...BUT. The story? Let's see, three sisters, dressed as men fighting in the U.S army because they haven't been given equal rights yet? Yes PLEASE! This should encourage all women who come across this. :)

What didn't I like:The only thing I didn't like was that they felt nothing but desire...either that or they were in a serious case of denial. They, like almost every other romance, didn't admit to love until the end of the book. Other then that and the serious scare younger readers may have at one scene in which Kylie goes missing, I loved it and you should too!

My Rating:

I give Tried and True...

Four and a half stars out of five for family friendly!
Why my rating is what it is:

Four and a half stars out of five for western excitement and great, strong female characters!

Where to buy it:

Read it folks! Duh?! It's a western!


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  1. HI Nicki! Thanks for the nice review. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.
    Hope you had a great sleepover, too. :)


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