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Friday, October 31, 2014

Howard Books Review-The Bridge by Karen Kingsbury

Hey everyone!! I hope you all are having a good week!! Today I have one of my favorite author's newer books. It's from Karen Kingsbury in 2012 and it's called...

 *Book Description*
Molly Allen left five years ago now...but she never took her heart with her. She left it in a little bookstore called "The Bridge" with a man she could never have, sometimes she even doubted he ever existed...

   Ryan Kelly had parted from Molly years ago...but he, like Molly, has not forgotten their time at "The Bridge". Now, after a broken engagement and a broken  heart, he ventures back to The Bridge to find it struggling and on the brink of closing. Will he be able to save it? And if he does save it, will he always be alone? Or will a beautiful young woman be the answer to his past and his future?And what will happen to Molly and all the things her parents expected of her?

Charlie Barton's bookstore was doing okay...until a flood took his dream straight out of his hands. As bills mount up he realizes he only has one way out...When a tragic accident occurs will his dear wife Donna ever trust God again? Will any of them?

                                                     *What I liked*

Karen Kingsbury is a true inspiration but I used to be one of those people who wanted to read one author and that's it. Until Mom wouldn't stop bugging me about how much I would "like" Karen's books. Well, she was right. By the end of the week I had the incredible first series of the Baxter family read and now have read almost all of her books. Well, then I read Fifteen Minutes. Not that it wasn't a good book, it was ok, but I didn't like the ending so I was a little worried .   I wasn't worried for very long. At all. I didn't technically read this book...I listened to it, and let me tell you I was NOT disappointed. The lady that read the book, January LaVoy, was FANTASTIC. Ten stars for her! She did an amazing job with the male voices as well as the females which is what ultimately gets my praise!

                                               *What I didn't like*
There wasn't anything I didn't like about this book!! The characters were real, cover beautiful, amazing voice on the audiobook. PERFECT Karen Kingsbury, just perfect.

                                                   *My Rating*

I give The Bridge...

                                       *Why my rating is what it is*

My rating is 5 stars because the story line is SO great!! Perfect for a movie and can't wait until 2015!

                                             *Meet the Characters*
(Note: This is something fun someone did on youtube and I decided maybe you readers would appreciate (as I do) having an image to store in your head while reading the book. I used Lucas Black as Ryan Taylor as I see him every Tuesday in the recently aired show NCIS New Orleans and he has a southern accent that fits Ryan perfectly. These images are all from google, I have no copyright, and Karen has nothing to do with them. These are just my idea of what the characters would look like.)
Charlie Barton & Donna Barton
The owner of the bookstore "The Bridge" and his wife.

Ryan Kelly
The main male character, Ryan Kelly, who was in love with Molly Allen.

Molly Allen
              The sweet girl from the bookstore whose father had plans for her 
                life that did not include the man she was in love with, Ryan Taylor.

Molly's conniving father.


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