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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Shiloh Run Press/Bookfun Review- Trails and Targets by Kelly Eileen Hake

Hello everyone!! I had to wait a long time to get this one from bookfun/Shiloh, longer then others, but it was well worth it for...

*About The Author*

Kelly Eileen Hake received her first writing contract at the tender age of seventeen and arranged to wait three months until she was able to legally sign it. Since that first contract a decade ago, she’s fulfilled twenty contracts ranging from short stories to novels. In her spare time, she’s attained her BA in English Literature and Composition, earned her credential to teach English in secondary schools, and went on to complete her MA in Writing Popular Fiction.
Writing for Barbour combines two of Kelly’s great loves—history and reading. A CBA bestselling author and member of American Christian Fiction Writers, she’s been privileged to earn numerous Heartsong Presents Reader’s Choice Awards and is known for her witty, heartwarming historical romances.
A newlywed, she and her gourmet-chef husband live in Southern California with their golden lab mix, Midas!
                                                            *Book Description*
Her Pa has always taught Beatrix Darlyn and her 3 sisters how to take care of themselves...even if the town disagrees with their masculine methods of doing so. After her pa insists on making a spectacle of them all with their shooting, knife throwing, trick writing, and arrows, a rather unruly man just won't leave Bea alone. When two men, one very handsome, ride into town offering help she just can't refuse the offer...even if she wants to she has to keep her family safe. But in a twisted turn of events, will her family ever be safe? And if she can't keep them safe, can the handsome Greyson Wilder keep her crazy family together? Does she want him to?
Greyson Wilder thought the famous thought. It's just one...but it turns out with the Darlyn girls there is never just one anything. Well, except for Bea. There is definitely just one Bea and she's the prettiest thing he's ever seen...and can't, won't, have. But when some men in town make his blood boil, and Bea's, will she trust him to keep them safe? And will he trust himself to keep the promise he made to himself when he first arrived? Or will he make an exception due to extenuating circumstances?
                                                      *What I liked*
First of all, if you have read my reviews before you would know that I love nicknames. Grey is no exception to this rule! I love when the characters can really interact using a term of endearment. Yes, I know this is another name thing but one other thing I feel the need to mention is that Kelly had some really original names. This wasn't a Taylor, Ryan, Ashley story. This was Bea, Cassia, Miles, Ariel, you get the picture. I loved the names of the characters. I also loved Jodie and, more specifically, her crush on Grey. It shows that the characters are only human, that even as dedicated siblings they fight and are attracted to people. They don't live in a bubble where they are only allowed to think certain thoughts. I don't know whether this book will be a trilogy where Jodie won't be featured but I really hope Kelly can make this a four book series. It really seems necessary for these "Darlyn" girls to each have their own story...and Judith/Jodie is no exception.
                                                       *What I didn't like*
I'd say that if there was anything I didn't like, it was the way that the sisters picked Bea apart like there was nothing special about her. Thankfully this was corrected though in a loving way by 13 year old Jodie, so not only did Kelly fix my only issue but made the book better for it.

                                                         *My Rating*
           I give Trails and Targets...

5 stars!

*Why my rating is what it is*
A lot of the books that I've reviewed lately have been worthy of just 4 1/2 stars. This one is 5 all the way. Even though there is some violence in it, this is meant to be an adult book, not a young adults book which I think I've been making a bit too harsh on other books. This one has loyalty, love, friendship, and some 'tough as nails' females that redeems us girls in saying, girls can do just as good as guys can. ;)

*Where to buy it*

Wherever Christian books are sold!

Another wonderful book thanks to bookfun and Shiloh Run Press!! I promise you won't regret reading this book. Oh, and if you are a reviewer as well, be sure to comment and also check out bookfun!!


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