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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Bookfun Review- Louie The Lawnmower by Maria Morgan, Illustrated by Sherrie Moltor

Hi guys!! Today I have another sweet little children's book for all you mommy's, daddy's, grandparents, whoever out there! 

*About the Author*

Hi! I'm Maria -

I guess you could say I was born with an active imagination. Combine that with a love for reading, and the possibilities are endless.

My Mom read all kinds of books to my brother and me when we were young. Some of our all-time favorites were by Dr. Seuss – Green Eggs & Ham, andSneetches on Beaches

Although my formal education is in Corporate Wellness and Nutrition, my real love is writing. I started out as an inspirational author and speaker for adults. Now I've widened my circle to include kids.

No matter what the age of my audience, my goal is the same:

 To share God's truths and make an eternal difference.

I live in the muggy South with my husband, two retrievers, and two Maine coon kitties – the perfect mix to fuel my creativity for years to come!

                     *Book Description*
Louie the Lawnmower is excited, and more then a little nervous, to have a new home. He likes his new "people. He's worried about whether he'll like the taste of grass and he already misses his friends at the hardware store. He knows God made him for mowing lawns but he's still worried about his job. When it comes time to show his skills will he be pleasantly surprised? And will his owner?

                       *What I liked*
Louie the Lawnmower is a great children's book...not for a fifteen yr. old girl but I can see the appeal for kids like my little 3 & 1 year old little boy cousins who I plan to gift this to. The illustrations are absolutely adorable and I loved Louie's friends. Of course you can imagine how awesome it is that she plans to use them in more books. I also thought it was great that she had discussion questions for kids! 

*What I didn't like*
Nothing! Kids will love this book and so will their parents because it is well written and such a kid friendly book!

*My Rating*

*Why my Rating is what it is*
My rating is five stars for multiple reasons. Great writing, adorable pictures ( can't tell you enough on the brilliantly colored pictures!), and just a cute original story line. Normally for the size of the book my review might be 4 1/2 but this one has an added bonus, which is the discussion questions. These questions are perfect for kids and should be relatively easy to understand.
I love that Maria added them in!

*Where to buy it*

Thanks for the sweet children's book Bookfun and Maria Morgan!!


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