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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Advocate By Randy Singer

Hey everyone!! This book is extremely different from anything else I've read...but in a good way, so keep reading!!

                                   *About The Author*
About twelve years ago, Randy began pursuing a passion to write. Tapping into his courtroom and ministry experience, Randy now pens legal thrillers designed to entertain readers while confronting them with biblical truths on controversial issues. His first novel, Directed Verdict, won the Christy award for the best Christian suspense novel. Recently, Randy was named a finalist, along with John Grisham and Michael Connelly, for the inaugural Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction sponsored by the American Bar Association and the University of Alabama Law School for the novel that best exemplified the role of lawyers in our society.
Randy is married to Rhonda and together they have two grown children. Rosalyn graduated from South Carolina Law School, clerked at the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, and moved back to Virginia Beach to complete her hostile takeover of the Singer Legal Group. Joshua is a wrangler in Colorado headed to vet school. Rhonda teaches high school English and wonders how she ended up with two lawyers and one cowboy in the family. Fortunately Lambeau, the family’s black lab, keeps everyone sane.
                                         *Book Description*

 Theophilus is a Roman Aristocrat...the very same man that, three decades ago, stood behind Pontious Pilate and offered a release Barabbas. Unfortunately that plan backfired and, equally unfortunate, that is what has left Theophilus aching for justice after witnessing the cruel death of Jesus of innocent man. When the case of Paul of Tarsus is brought up, he can't help but think this is his chance to redeem his decision that he feels ultimately led Jesus to the cross. Though his head knows the truth, his heart can't shake the feeling he could have stopped it. When given the choice, Theophilus defends Paul in front of Rome's cruelest tyrant. In the end, will the Apostle show Theophilus the truth or will Theophilus witness the death of another innocent man...or his own death?

                                    *What I liked*
Whoa. I believe that is the exact word I used when I first read even the description...when I opened the book to the first few pages. Oh.My. Randy Singer has got to be the best Christian non-fiction writer ever. He magically brought Theophilus, a man mentioned only three times in the Bible, and turned him into a vital part of the story of Paul...and Jesus. He offers an eye opening account of both stories as well as a look into how Paul's case affected his family.
                                                                 *What I didn't like*
This book is really, really good. Which is why I will say this. Stick with it. This book, though good, is really, really hard to get into. Incredibly hard in fact to get into because of all the Roman History involved. While some may love that and dig into like a huge piece of chocolate use my analogy to the fullest...others may prefer vanilla or to be daring, red velvet. ;)

                                                                             *My Rating*
           I give The Advocate...

5 stars!

                              *Why my rating is what it is*

My rating is five stars because this book, while hard to get into for me, really offers an in-depth look on not just Theophilus' life but also on Paul's. Randy does an expert job on creating a real experience in their lives and Roman History. He does all of this with just 3 mentions in the Bible! Fantastic!

* I recieved this book from Tyndale and in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts are my own and I was not compensated in any other way.

                                         *Where to buy it*

                                                           Barnes & Noble

I know it's different but trust me. You should read this book, fantastic for any Christian and certainly for the Historical type!


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