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Monday, January 12, 2015

Bethany House Review- Steadfast Heart By Tracie Peterson

Evening y'all!! I must say, I was skeptical on this one. I LOVE Tracie Peterson. I do. Unfortunately, her penchant for cliff hangers is going to make me crazy! Not that I'm not already but you know. ;)

*About the Author*

*Book Description*

Lenore Fulcher is happy in her state of life. Unfortunately, her father is not and has decided to take things into his own hands in regards to his daughter's love life. When her father tries to set her up with someone closer to his age then hers-and closer to his heart too-she realizes she needs to take action quickly. And then Kolbein appears and Lenore has an idea. As she gets to know Kolbein bit by bit, she starts to wish he could be more then just a solution to her problem. Could he? 

Kolbein came to Seattle to find his wayward sister. She's bound and determined to get married but she's only 18 and in Kolbein's eyes, that's too young. She's looked for her everywhere and his last lead is a Bridal school led by 3 woman who could probably be his grandmother. When he arrives with a mission to find his sister he never expected to find two lovely young woman...make that one lovely woman and one chatty woman. When the lovely lady, Lenore Fulcher, begins to consume his mind and his heart, he struggles to keep his mind on the task. Will he ever have his sister back? Is it possible to have Lenore as well?

Abrianna is Lenore's tender-hearted, determined best friend with red hair and a vibrancy of life to match. Only Wade doesn't see his best friend as just determined...he sees her as stubborn. She doesn't understand the danger that lurks in the streets of Seattle but he does and will do anything to protect her. Is it just an innocent friendship instinct? Or is it more?

*What I liked*

Personally, although I loved the Lone Star series, I liked this book better. I like that though her father wanted her to marry for stability, he was supportive of Lenore's wants and hopes instead of crushing them like some books. I also liked Kolbein's protectiveness over his sister though his worries were perhaps a bit misplaced. Even after all of this though, I lived for the moments with bright, stubborn Abrianna and her best friend, Wade. I know that they're "just friends" in this book but I can't help but think that they've earned a spot of their own...come on book two!

*What I didn't like*

The main things, only things actually, that I didn't like was the fact that Wade and Abrianna's story seemed much more developed then Kolbein and Lenore's and it was their story. I also didn't like how rushed Kolbein and Lenore's relationship was. They met once and they're in love. I get that Tracie was going for love at first sight but I can't help but think maybe it was a bit too rushed. Don't worry, that probably makes me want to read book 2 even more!

*My Rating*

I give Steadfast Heart... 4 stars!

*Why my rating is what it is*

My rating is 4 stars because although it was better then her Lone Star series, this one was another cliff hanger because of Wade and Abrianna's unfinished story. I also rated it 4 stars because of the lack of depth in Lenore and Kolbein's story.

 *Where to buy it*


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