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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Sheriff's Surrender by Susan Page Davis

Afternoon all!! Hope you're doing well. I was discussing my book reviewing with my youth pastor Matt & his wife Courtney and Matt reminded me of a quote very near and dear to my heart:

"I cannot live without books: but fewer will suffice where amusement, and not use, is the only future object."
-Thomas Jefferson

Isn't that the truth?! :)Actually, I proved this yesterday scrolling through found a book that was really high on my tbr pile for 79 cents and had to buy it. If that wasn't enough, I found a series of 3 from Susan Davis for $1.59 and had to buy that too. hahaha

Of course I don't want to disappoint you so:

*Book Description*

Trudy "Gert" Dooley is best sharpshooter in the whole town and though some may appreciate that, like Ethan Chapman, her brother's best friend. Others, like Cyrus Fennel, not so much. Naturally when the former sheriff is killed and Ethan takes his place, women are scared. Scared enough to take up firearms and head to Gert where they formed "The Ladies Shooting Club", much to the horror to the men of Fergus, Idaho. When Ethan begins to have doubts-and starts to absentmindedly call her Trudy-Gert wonders what their lives may have in store for them. Both for Ethan and her, the town of Fergus, and hanging most in the balance, Th Ladies Shooting Club. Will they survive the mysteries ahead? Or will the town crumble before their eyes?

Ethan Chapman has always said he can't afford any distractions...actually he's always thought he wasn't good enough for any woman. Which is exactly why Ethan is shocked when the "plain" little sister of his best friend inhabits his dreams. To top things off, trying to run a ranch while fighting his attraction is hard enough without adding the duties of the sheriff onto his plate. Unfortunately, seemingly the whole town of Fergus, Idaho disagrees and Ethan finds himself trying to solve a mystery. Then the Ladies Shooting Club gets up and running and men come to him upset.When more tragedies occur, and a strange collection grow,could this mystery end up bigger then any of them could ever imagine?  Will he have to choose between the town's favor and the ladies'? And when the name Trudy slips out of his mouth, will she ever slip out of his mind?

*What I liked*

This story was so sweet!! I have a thing for male protagonists who are more timid, humble, reserved versus the cocky, insecure and Ethan certainly fit my quota! The spunk that Gert has sets it off quite nicely and I love their interactions. It was surprising to find so much mystery in a western and I LOVED it! One of my favorite characters was Hiram so I was squeaking with joy when I saw he was to be featured in book two. Guess I know what I'm reading tonight!!

*What I didn't like*

I didn't like when it ended! Fortunately for me that can be remedied quite quickly with book two. :)

*My Rating*

I give The Sheriff's Surrender...5 stars!

*Why my rating is what it is*

My rating is five stars because of fantastic characters, mysteries galore, and a believable, interesting story line.


 *Where to buy it*


                                      *Song for the day*

Happy Reading,

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