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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

How to Review- How to join Bookfun (a.k.a book heaven) in 11 steps.

Hello everyone!! This year one of my New Year's revolutions (I know, I know, I'll try to do better.) is to have some different content in my blog. Not just the usual book reviews but giveaways, awards, how to's, e.t.c. (No, I don't plan to teach you to read a book!) Some of you who read my blog are possibly wondering how you could do reviewing. Not likely but maybe. ;) Anyways, so today I'm going to give you a step by step, with pictures, on how to join and review for as it is my FAVORITE place to review for.

1.  Type in in your address bar to get to the  website. (It's not hard, you can do it... oh took me months ;)

2. Scroll down the left hand side bar and click on 'club for readers only' under 'groups'.

3. Click on 'click here to request access' at the top of the page.
*You'll have to be approved by usually takes about a half hour but it varies.

4. Click on the book you would like to request. 
*If it says closed like in the picture shown, the book is no longer available.

5. Type in pb or eb and make sure to put the number of weeks. *If you feel you will be to frazzled give yourself more time, just remember you have a higher chance of getting the book if you take less time. **pb & eb stand for paperback and ebook ***occasionally they have audiobooks which are ab 

6. Read your book and post your review on at least 3 consumer websites including
*The more websites you post on the more the authors love you and it really isn't that much more work to copy and paste so post, post, post! 
**Deepershopping offers a cashback program for the time being which means that, if signed into your account, you can earn up to $1 per review...once you earn $10 you can redeem it in check, deepershopping certificate, or straight through paypal!

7. Directly above or beneath 'club for readers only' click on 'Reviews  Only'

8. Find the book that you requested and click on the title.

9. Click reply to this underneath the main section.
*You won't have to worry about this step after you do this once.

10. A box will show up and when it does, click join and your in!

11. Post the content of the review and make sure to add where your review was posted similar to what shown here.

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope to see you in book/bloggerland!



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    1. You're so welcome! Hope this is helpful for new members & future members!


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