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Friday, January 9, 2015

Tyndale Review-The Song by Chris Fabry

Good, dreary, morning to you all!! I certainly hope the weather is a bit more pleasant where you all are because it is gray, windy, and FREEZING here!

  It's been a little while since I've had a truly meaningful book to share with you, so today here it is!

*Book Description*

The song is a captivating book on The Song of Solomon as well as Ecclesiastes. It features Jed King after his stardom plagued father has passed on. Inheriting his father's love for music and writing song lyrics, Jed meets Rose and quickly pens a song...He had no idea it would launch him into stardom, quickly having him follow in his father's footsteps. Then a new temptation in the form of Shelby Bales and Jed must make a choice. Stay true to himself, his wife, and his morals or give into a tempting girl out for herself?

*What I liked*

I love how Chris depicted the book of Song of Solomon and how, even though it was sad, he was accurate and included verses even in song lyrics. Such a wonderful idea and now I need to watch the movie!

*What I didn't like*
 Though there may be inappropriate parts in this book, I don't consider it to be too serious to hinder your view of the book.

*My Rating*
I give The Song.. five stars!

*Why my rating is what it is*

 My rating is five stars because of a creative plot, in depth characters, and because every book is made better with a movie to compare it to, right? 

 *Where to buy it*

*What I've just finished*

*What I'm reading now*

I'll be back later with a review on 'Finding Mercy' so come by again soon!

Happy Reading,

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