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Monday, September 7, 2015

Bethany House Review- The Potters Lady by Judith Miller

Happy Labor Day all! We're a week into September and already I am loving the weather! It's gorgeously sunny, 80s and 90s, and a delicious breeze has been blowing today and yesterday! Yum. If only I could find something to read. ;)



In the beautiful rolling hills of West Virginia, Rose McKay seeks a measure of success--in business and in love.

When Rose McKay convinces her brother, Ewan, to invest in a pottery business, she's determined to assist him in making the endeavor a success. A recent graduate of the Philadelphia School of Design for Women, she believes she can design pieces that will sell well. Rose also reconnects with Joshua Harkness, who oversees his own family's pottery works and promises to help her.

Rylan Campbell has never liked change, but the new owners of the pottery seem to be decent folks. He just wishes Rose wouldn't insist on changing the way they do things. Then McKay Pottery begins to lose business to the Harkness company, and Rylan suspects Joshua may be secretly taking advantage of Rose.

When Franklin Hotels announces a design contest, it could be the opportunity McKay Pottery needs to achieve recognition and clients. Rose and Rylan work together to create something magnificent. With Joshua's company as their main rival, can Rylan convince Rose her trust in Joshua may spell ruin for them all?


 *My Thoughts*

I was so excited to read this story! It was perfect timing to receive it right after purchasing and reading The Brickmakers Bride, the first in the series. I was not disappointed!

I fell in love with Rose in the first book already and knew Judith had to write about her next!! She was such a strong, sweet person always caring for others. It just made sense that she'd get her own story. Her heart and excitement for pottery and such was evident from the beginning and it was so cool to learn about the trade! 

Rylan too, was special from the beginning. You could see his drive to do something with his life. I loved that while he was attracted to a girl, you could tell he loved her for who she was not what she looked like. He was always striving to help and to protect the people he respected or cared about. 

If I had to describe the flow of the story in detail, I think "water under a bridge" would describe it perfectly. It was smooth from beginning to end, not jumpy, and all the relationships were totally believable!

The whole story served to completely endear me to Judith. The story line was not anything spectacularly different but I still learned things that I never knew before but there was something special about the book as a whole. From return characters to new faces to an underlying suspense to keep you on edge, Judith is on "auto-buy" from now on!




   I have an addiction to reading but my true weakness is historical fiction! If it's yours too, you'll love it as well as fans of Julie Lessman, Laura Frantz, Sarah Sundin, Lorna Seilstad, and Melissa Jagears!

 *My overall thoughts*

The Potters Lady by Judith Miller is an awesome historical novel based on a family trying to make their living in pottery. The story and romance flows smoothly from beginning to end with endearing characters and a suspenseful storyline. 

 *My Rating*

I give The Potters Lady by Judith Miller...

5 stars!! 


 *Where to get it*

*I received this book from the publisher and the author in exchange for an honest review, which I have given. All thoughts were my own and I was not compensated in any other way.

Happy Reading,


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