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Monday, September 15, 2014

Tyndale Review-The Presence by Alec Rowlands

Hey guys!! Well it's Monday. :p I guess we all know what that means: more school and more work, and less reading time! Thankfully though I am still in the school part of it and that means I get the wonderful job of writing projects as part of my home school curriculum which is honestly how I get to stay here with y'all! :)

Today's book is quite different for me:

I know, I'm getting adventurous right?!


In Alec Rowlands book he shares his personal stories on some major "Jesus moments" in his life that drew him closer. He also shared how he got back to some of those points after some of the "newness, excitement,and  closeness" seemed to fade into the background once again. In sharing his experiences, Alec gives readers a way to connect, to relate and understand how to get that feeling of nearness back. 

Why I liked it:

It's the perfect book on how to get the ultimate experience of God's love and the "father relationship" with us. Now this is not to say that this is a "step by step instructional booklet on getting back to God" but it does help to have someone else's story.A must read for new Christians, as well as those who are older more "experienced Christians" who want to know how to get that close relationship back if they've lost it.

What didn't I like:

Not a thing I didn't like in this book! A real winner!

My Rating:

I give The Presence....

Why my rating is what it is:

Five out of five stars for teen/adult friendliness as well as an awesome account of his experience and how to "get back to God"! Fabulous book!!

In love with Tyndale once again!! Thanks for an awesome read!! Go read it yourself and see what you think!


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