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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Bethany House Publishers Review- Playing By Heart by Anne Mateer

Happy Hump Day everyone!! Y'all would be so proud of me...I actually stretched a book from one night to two with this book. Just don't worry because it has NOTHING to do with how good the book is, just sheer exhaustion. ;)

Today's book is....

Playing by Heart by Anne Mateer!! I have to be brutally honest here (sorry Anne!) I have never read one of her books...but I'll be reading now!


Lula Bowman is living her fathers dream...teaching math at a college and trying to be the first woman in Oklahoma to get a PhD. Unfortunately, that all goes awry when tragedy strikes her family. Reluctantly Lula, or rather 'Fruity Lu', moves in with her sister and gets a very unlikely, and unwanted, job. She gets the job as a music teacher at the school..but that isn't all. The principal actually wants her to teach Basketball as part of her job! Having never played basketball, and wanting to depend on no one, Lula tries to make her own plan to learn the game. Besides, as soon as her sister no longer needs her she is heading back to college and her scholarship. When she realizes she really does need the help of the handsome boys basketball coach, Chet Vaughn, she reluctantly makes up a plan...she knows not to be in debt to any man. When she finds an unlikely kinship with Chet, will she follow her heart? Or will the weight of her father's dream for his youngest child send her back to college?
Chet Vaughn seems to have a great life. Handsome, center of flocks of doting girls, math teacher and basketball coach at school. Coward at home...well, at least according to his mother. Also the mother of his brother Clay off serving in the war, the hero of the family, while Chet is here taking care of his mother. Well, trying to anyways. When Lula Bowman enters his life Chet is captivated...of course she is the one woman in his life that wants nothing to do with him, well except basketball help...and really not even that! Will he ever get through to the woman inside the shell? Or will she not even let him hold his end of their bargain, or will he really end up with more then he bargained for in the first place? How will he ever show Lula that she is not and never was 'fruity lu', but a true gift from God, a God who has a great plan for her life? And will he ever understand that for himself?
Join Chet and Lula as they learn that sometimes you have to hold your ground on what you believe in, and live your own dreams. 

What I liked:
I really enjoyed this book for multiple reasons. Number one best reason? This book is a CHRISTIAN book. Not a 'My character said God once so I put it in the Christian genre' book but an all out praying, Church going, Bible reading book chock FULL of God loving characters and Biblical truths. Second, it was a calming read, not a suspenseful heart stopping one. I like suspense but when I just need to relax, I would pick this book up off the shelves rather then, 'A Matter of Heart' by Tracie Peterson. Third. No foul language, bad scenes, explicit content e.t.c. What you see is what you get. Lastly, four. Not only is it a calming romance, since it is actually a historical calming romance, it has all kinds of cool information. Including what the girls wore for basketball, the lack of acceptance the townspeople had for girl's basketball, and what people thought about Lady's and college. Oh and there actually is a five!! I loved how she labeled her chapters. Some of my favorite authors, like Lori Wick, are harder to read because they jump back and forth between characters and you don't know who's thinking what. Not this book. Anne ingeniously labeled either Lula or Chet under each Chapter so you know who's speaking, thinking, e.t.c. SO much less confusing!

What didn't I like:The only thing I didn't like was the end! 

My Rating:

I give Playing By Heart...

Five  stars out of five for teen approved and an excellent an unique romance novel. It's a curl up by the fire read!

Why my rating is what it is:

Fife stars for this one guys! Why? It's a good, clean Christian read good for anyone ages 10+! It may be an adult read but it speaks out on loss, sticking to what you think is right, the importance of love, and more that's great for any age...male or female!

Where to buy it:

READ.THIS.BOOK!! It's fabulous Anne! Thanks for sharing this five star read with us!


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