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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Revell Review- Deceived By Irene Hannon

What day is it guys? Friday!! Woot woot! We are officially into the weekend and some of us (me!!) have reading to do so we are very excited :) Monday I had some serious happy mail!! Christian book magazines, post cards and magnets from Dawn Crandall, and TWO Revell books!! Yay!! I was looking for books from Tyndale and forgot all about them so it was an awesome surprise...I read and finished one right away!

I'm sorry but if you can't handle the suspense of a mystery don't read is the awesome cover...Irene already has a star for an awesome suspense cover:

If that doesn't give you chills I don't know what does!


Kate Marshall was having a normal day...well at least as normal as things have been since that awful day when she faced the man saying her beloved husband and young son will not be coming home. She was on her way out of the mall when she heard something familiar...she turned around and gasped...could that be her son? After she calls her son's name the boy turns and she sees a spark of recognition, she knows there is a crazy chance he's still alive. Despite the small amount of information she has to go on, and mall security and local police blowing her off, PI Connor Sullivan takes a leap of faith and dives head first into her case. She feels so grateful to him for believing in her case and seeing that she really isn't crazy...but does she feel something else for the "tall, dark, and handsome" PI? And will she ever see her dear son again despite the dangers?
There are very few things Connor Sullivan doesn't understand...but why he took this case and why he can't get Kate Marshall out of his head are the exception. He's never gotten personally involved on a case before but Kate's stubbornness and perseverance just draw him closer. As he draws further and further towards a line he does not want to cross, will his morals pull him back to safer ground or is he already caught in Kate's web? And if he is, does he want to be rescued?

Why I liked it...

Deceived was an awesome book, more so then I could expect since I haven't read Irene Hannon before. Connor's caring, protective personality is what originally drew me in and as always I loved the chemistry between Kate and Conner but I don't think that is why I really liked the book. I think the main reason I loved this book was because of her characters and how they interacted with each other. The office scenes with Dev, Cal, Nikki, and Connor were great, especially the Dev/Nikki scenes. They really offered the bit of humor this book needed which perfected it. Another main reason I liked it is because, unlike some other novels part of a series, you don't have to read the first couple books to read "Deceived", it can be a very nice stand alone novel as I found out.

Why I didn't like it...

The only thing that I really didn't care for about the book was that the story line was very similar to Colleen Coble's "Rock Harbor series". She also "lost" her husband and son but in a plane crash and she found her son might be alive in that series as well. That didn't hinder how much I like either book really, and they do have their differences, but I just kind of knew what was going to happen because of Coble's book. I loved this book despite that though and like I said...there were a lot of differences as well. If you like mysteries, either book is a must read!

My Rating...

I give Deceived four out of five stars!!

Why my rating is what it is...

I gave Deceived four out of five stars because for younger readers... the fires, shooting, killing, e.t.c that goes on is not very appropriate and because of the similarities Colleen and Irene had. All in all, it is a great book...go read it!!

I know I will be looking for more of Irene's should too! Also, check out her website HERE.


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